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Tortazo Rewards



Create a Tortazo Rewards account to earn points and unlock rewards.


USD $1 = 10 Points

You’ll earn points for every purchase made on our official ordering site, Plus, earn rewards for referring a friend and on the first day of your birthday month, and get more surprise bonuses.


Now, the best part: Members can use points for free items on the Tortazo menu.



Redeem Points for Tortazo Menu Items

From savory bowls to delicious desserts, use your points to order off the menu.



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Why should I join Tortazo Rewards?
The new Tortazo Rewards Program is a loyalty program designed to help you earn rewards faster for your purchases
Earn 10 points for every $1 you spend
Choose your reward! Save up & spend your points on your favorite Tortazo items
Even MORE Added Benefits
Birthday Reward
How do I enroll in Tortazo Rewards?
On the Website visit the Tortazo Rewards section and sign up with your email.
On the click on the “Sign In” button at the top of the page to login or sign up.
Spoiler title
If you have an existing Tortazo account the username will remain the same, but you will need to reset your password.
How do I earn points?
You can earn points based on how much you spend during your visit to Tortazo for all items excluding Alcohol purchases, or purchases made on For each $1 spent, you will get 10 points. These will be posted to your account upon check close in real time. You should be able to see the update on the guest website. The more points you save, the bigger the reward you can spend them on.
How do I spend my points?
Log into your account on the website or mobile app and select the “Shop Rewards” button. From this screen, you are able to use points towards rewards of your choice. Once you have selected the item you want to use, add it to cart and checkout.
How can I redeem my rewards?
In order to redeem points, you must be a registered Tortazo Rewards member. If you are not, please visit the Tortazo website and register today.
To redeem points for “Free Products”:
In-Store Redemption
To redeem items in your account in-store, tell your cashier that you would like to use a Reward.
Online Redemption
To redeem items in your account online, visit and place the items related to your reward in your cart. You will see the reward at checkout to select. The discount should then be applied to your checkout total.
Where can I see a list of reward offers?
Log in to your account online at and select “Redeem Points” where you will find a list of offers.
Do points & rewards expire?
Points do not expire; however rewards do expire. Rewards expiration varies so please check the terms and conditions of your reward.
How will I know when a reward is added to my account?
Once you have selected a reward, you will receive an email notification and see rewards in “My Balance.” You will also be able to see the rewards available to you in the “Available Rewards” section of
Do both online or delivery orders count towards my points?
If I forget to link my Tortazo account to purchase at register how do I get points for my purchase?
If you forget to scan, please reach out to us at and provide your full name, phone number, and transaction details.
What happens to my points at the start of each year?
Your points balance will stay the same at the start of each year.
If I have a problem or question regarding my loyalty account that is not answered here who do I contact?


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